Welcome to liology

Liology is a practice of experiencing life an integrated, embodied and connected manner.  Instead of the conventional view that our human existence is split between mind and body, liology sees our human organism as an integrated whole, where our thoughts are embodied and our bodies possess an intrinsic intelligence.  Liology is dedicated to fostering a worldview that will enable humanity to thrive sustainably on this planet.

To find out more, click on this link to the liology website.

In the future, I’ll be connecting with people interested in liology through this blog.  Stay connected!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to liology

  1. Hello Jeremy, I have a quick comment on further usurpations by the pfc. I read your work years ago, and broad abstractions from it have colored my perceptions on many subsequent insights I have gained. Now, it would be fair to call me a pessimist. I view your remarks thru a prism of Camo-Sartrean absurdism. Dulce et decorum est, that we be repulsed by and alienated from nature! Nature is crude and indifferent, of course we use it as fuel for our refinement, our dreams and preferences!

    It will be hard to convince moderns to return to nature;s bosom. Perhaps even harder than a religious revival amongst the educated. Without rejuvanating ties to natural or supernatural religion, what will motivate people thru the trials of the Human Condition? I saved a comment that I think illustrates a modern consensus. It is by a redditor- r/BegginForBacon :

    [I work hard every day because I want to make the world better for future generations. Think of it; all technology, every modern invention is here because people hundreds and thousands of years ago worked their asses off. They are the reason we can enjoy life the way we do now. I feel like I owe it to my fellow man to work hard for them, just as men have worked hard for me. …… Anyway, **that philosophy is how I get through my day.** ]

    limbic system ascribing emotional value to products of pfc. Pfc is capturing memetic space from rest of brain. Is this an untenable situation? To derive teleology and fulfillment from the organized confusion and platonic predilections of the pfc?

    • Thanks for your comments, Jeffrey. I think it’s important to remember that the prefrontal cortex itself is capable of both connections and separations. Our culture has emphasized the separation of the pfc’s conceptual consciousness from the rest of nature, giving us foundational metaphors such as “conquering nature” that drive society.
      However, we’re able to use intentionality and self-awareness that also arises from the pfc, to connect with the meaning in our lives that comes from the connections all around us.
      So, ultimately, it’s not about the pfc itself, but rather the misguided approaches to meaning that Western civilization has inculcated and that now forms the basis for our global civilization.

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