Liology Workshop: The Most Important Relationship of Your Life

Join us on Wednesday, May 4 at our next Liology Workshop for an exploration of The Relationship Between “I” and My “Self.”  We’ll begin at 7:30 p.m. at Terra’s Temple, 3051 Adeline Street.

How do you get along with your self? Do you push your self? Are you kind to your self? Have you found your self? Do you love your self?  

Your relationship with your self is the most important relationship in your life. You are always in it as long as you live. And how you conduct that relationship affects the quality of your life more than anything else you do.

Together, in a container of kindness, we’ll investigate who is “I” and who is “my self” and – most importantly – how they can get along together in love and harmony for a life of sustained well-being.  

Choosing who to be

As always, we’ll conduct our journey with a mixture of qigong, guided meditation, group discussion – and an unforgettable embodied practice.

Please RSVP if you’re planning to attend. If you live in Marin, let me know if you’re interested in joining a carpool.

You don’t need to know anything about Liology beforehand – just come with an open mind and be prepared to learn and enjoy yourself.

Please pass this message on to any friends you think might be interested. Liology is open to all!

I hope to see you there.



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Liology Workshops in Berkeley, starting April 6, 2016

A new series of bimonthly Liology workshops will begin in Berkeley, starting on Wednesday, April 6, at Terra’s Temple, 3051 Adeline Street.

This is the third year of Liology workshops. The first two series in Fairfax were tremendously enjoyable and transformative. If you’ve already attended one, then you know that, in addition to meeting new friends and building intentional community, you will explore a new, integrated way of being alive. And you will learn how to relate to yourself and others with a greater degree of kindness.


The Liology Workshop Series will be held at the lovely Terra’s Temple in Berkeley

Liology is a practice for experiencing life in an integrated, embodied and connected manner. The underlying theme is kindness: allowing each part of ourselves to feel loved and in harmony with our being.  

In each 2-hour workshop, we investigate how a particular topic relates to our lives. Each session incorporates group discussion, guided meditation, qigong, and other embodied practices – frequently music and dance. They are fun, educative, and transformative.

The first workshop on April 6 will be an Introduction to Liology. We’ll explore how Liology offers a framework – based on traditional Chinese wisdom and modern systems thinking – to integrate all the different parts of our lives into a meaningful coherence.

You don’t need to know anything about Liology beforehand – just come with an open mind and be prepared to learn and enjoy yourself.

You will gain the greatest value from attending the workshops regularly. However, each workshop is self-contained and you are welcome to drop in at any time.

More information:

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Workshop Series Schedule

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Welcome to liology

Liology is a practice of experiencing life an integrated, embodied and connected manner.  Instead of the conventional view that our human existence is split between mind and body, liology sees our human organism as an integrated whole, where our thoughts are embodied and our bodies possess an intrinsic intelligence.  Liology is dedicated to fostering a worldview that will enable humanity to thrive sustainably on this planet.

To find out more, click on this link to the liology website.

In the future, I’ll be connecting with people interested in liology through this blog.  Stay connected!